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How to Upload Your Eyeglass Prescription

Step 1 - Create a profile.  To create a profile select the login from the menu at the top of this page:

Upload Rx Instructions

Then select "Sign Up". And follow the instructions to complete the profile:

Upload Rx Instructions

Step 2 - Take a photo of your prescription.  On your computer, cell phone, or tablet, take a photo for your prescription.  Be sure to capture all of your prescription in the photo.

Step 3 - Upload your photo. - To upload your photo, be sure you are logged into the profile you created in step 1.  You can do that by selecting login at the top of the page and using the same username and password you created in step 1.  Once you are logged in, you will see a dropdown menu to the right of the login area at the top of the page.  Select the dropdown menu and go to "My Prescriptions".  Follow he the instructions on the My Prescriptions page to upload the photo of your prescription.

Upload Rx Instructions
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